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It doesn’t matter whether you’re creating a feature-length film, TV commercial, or interview series. Leveraging a detailed transcription is a task that requires skill, concentration, and precision. But most importantly, video transcription and closed captions should be used to provide the same value to those hard of hearing or in a location where it’s hard to hear.

For your content marketing strategy to be successful, it is equally important that a high-quality transcription of the audio should accompany your video content. With people consuming more video content than in the past, it’s critical to provide video transcription.

Likewise, this ensures your video content reaches a broader audience when you provide video transcription. For example, deaf and hard of hearing viewers can read text-based transcription.

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lectures and web-based seminars

For non-native speakers, transcription comes in handy to ease understanding of lectures and web-based seminars, among other video-based study materials. Learn how professional video transcription can make your life easier on a project of any size.

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