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Meghaphone Marketing Testimonials

Scott StegerExit Real Estate Property Solutions

Victoria Kratochwill

“10 stars!!! If you want the best , look no further! The skills, customer service and personality Meghan posses’ are out of this world! I can’t wait to collaborate with her again and I look forward to seeing what she works on next!!”

Jamie Porter

You are amazing! Always a smile on your face and when you’re hiding behind it, reach out! We can get drinks and chat it out!

Rachel Johnson

You’re amazing no matter what doubts ever cross your mind and no matter what anyone may say to you!

Nancy Pruden Keefer

So proud of you Meghan!

Michelle Scarsella

You got this! Keep your head up. It’s never easy running your own business but worth it in the end. You make your own schedule, and yes help the community a lot also. It has its perks.

Peggy Aylwin Hughes

“Meghan is professional, personable, and settles for nothing but the best with her work. Just take a look at some of her videos and photographs, that says it all. Give her a call, you will not be disappointed. And a bonus: she is a fun, happy, and delightful person to be around.”

Kerrianne Johnston

You are freaking amazing (insert the real F word). Such an inspiration and someone I’m honored to call my fiend. I love you so much boo!!!!

RamiCarla Intriago

Wowsies!! Congratulations!! Super well deserved I’m sure !! God is faithful!! Blessed to know you !!

Mark Orange

Well done Meghan. Keep up the good work your doing great and enjoy and take each day as it comes

Terri Shurdom

Hello beautiful! I just wanna thank you for all your dedication and your hard work along with all the other ladies in both these groups! I’m not sure what’s going on and I hope everything is OK! Take care yourself and God bless.
PS I sure do miss seeing your beautiful smile!

Shannon FitzPatrick Tatum

You are the best!! Thank you for giving back to our community! We are blessed to have you and your talents!!!

Justin Falb

“Meghaphone Marketing, LLC does a great job of promoting and provides a high quality, professional product. We love the work you do.”

Amy Wood

Wow! So vulnerable and honest! Thank you for sharing a little piece of your story. Remembering our WHY is so important, thanks for the reminder.

Jamie Hoover

You are a incredible role model. So happy to see you so successful.

Alessia Marcin

​“Meg is such a pleasure to work with. Not only is she highly professional she is extremely personable and charismatic. It’s impossible not to have a good time with her around. Her professionalism reflects in her work ethic and content that she produces for her clients. TEN STARS!”

Summer Moore

Congratulations Meg on all your hard work and accomplishments!! You’ve done an amazing job representing and serving our community! Wish you the best on your growing business!

Joleen Skerk

Meghan Hughes I am so proud of you and I remember meeting you while volunteering together for Fur Ball and you were just getting started, You have this very special spark, charisma that is so magnetic. You are talented, kind, beautiful, energetic, an…

Lindsey Sanders Preston

Yeah girl! You are rocking it, I’m so proud of you!!

John R Cameron Jr

Had no idea about your personal struggles and all credit to you for your perseverance and professionalism. Everyone who knows you is proud of you and your accomplishments and we all look forward to seeing your continued progression.

Melinda Dawson

You’ve done so much for so many. Proud to know you

Bonnie Shelfer

Congratulations Meghan! You have done an amazing job building your business. Cheers to many years of continued success.

Brittany Clark

Megs….. congrats on so many levels for being an amazing super star, giving so much back to your community and most of all pushing through this difficult time. Admitting it and sharing You never know who you are an inspiration to keep pushing on! Love you girl

Katie Toot

“Meg is extremely creative and passionate about what she does. Her quality of work is top-notch and professional. With her unique spin on things, you can always expect a great end result. Thanks Meg! Looking forward to working with you again on many more projects.”

Billie MacDonald

So proud of you Boo. You won’t let anything stop you. Divorce is brutal albeit liberating…but it does not define you.

Kristen Hanson

You are SO deserving and AMAZING at what you do!! You got this

Gina Sweringen

Super proud of you. Not only for your professional achievements but your personal ones as well. It takes a strong woman to speak up about mental health. Keep up the great work! You are amazing.

LaBonnie Whitmore-Rodewald

We always knew what an amazing and kind person you are!! You’re the best!! Congratulations On Receiving This Terrific Award!

Priscilla Chanfrau

You’re amazing and I’m so proud of you! I remember the days back when you were a liaison at the chamber. You have truly become you’re own person and soared with your new company. I’m proud to call you my friend!

Rocco Kalas

Kudos to you, sometimes keeping busy and throwing yourself at what your passionate at can get you out of whatever you’re going through. Keep it up and prosper!

Marle Aguilar

You rock girl!!!

Vinod Sagrani

“Meghan and Meghaphone Marketing did a phenomenal job documenting our special day, just go see the videos! We are so happy with our videos and pictures that we and all of our family and friends can cherish for many years to come. We consider Meghan a close and personal friend and would highly recommend her for any work you would need!!!! She is extremely knowledgeable and has an eye for detail!!!!”

Lawrence McKinney

You were a star when I brought you on board and just needed a place to let your light shine! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

James Lewis

I’m proud of you Meg

Jane Keller Hart

If anyone can achieve what their goals are it’s you. You’re ups and downs in life make you what you are… And you only learn that in time. Love you a whole bunch.

Terri Shurdom

Hello beautiful! I just wanna thank you for all your dedication and your hard work along with all the other ladies in both these groups!

Clayton Park

Hang in there, Meghan. You were truly deserving of the award.

Kaitlyn Stier | LOCALiQ

I’ve been working with Meghaphone for almost two years now and honestly can’t remember life before her! She’s produced fantastic videos for my events and has helped pivoted to virtual event settings effortlessly. She’s a joy to work with!

Stacy Coffee McCallister

You’ve worked your ass of for what you’ve achieved / and deserve every bit of the success you’ve earned! Don’t ever let anyone take your pride of success – or make you doubt yourself! You were successful before that time and will continue to be! Girl you’re awesome and are such an inspiration to so many of us women who work our butts off daily!!!! Stay walking proud!!

Lucille Cerreto

Your success is much deserved and brought on by selflessness and dedication!

Alex Kratochwill

“Not only does Meghan have excellent filming/editing skills, but she has the PASSION behind it! She’s done a phenomenal job every time we’ve used her services and you won’t be disappointed with her work, dedication, and commitment to excellence! 10 stars!!!”

Todd Huffstickler

You have done an outstanding job serving the community Meghan.

Kymbrough Zurstadt

You are truly one of my favorite friends and LOVE your enthusiasm and inspiration! Not to mention you can make me laugh so good! Congrats on all the above and for being a gem of a human.

Deana Ramos

Meghan Hughes thank you for your honesty. You are an amazing woman. Our community is better because you are a part of it. Be proud of yourself. I am proud to know you.

April LaFoucade

“Meghan is so patient and makes you feel comfortable whether it’s your first time (like mine and I was super nervous) in front of the camera or like an old pro.

Linda Bell Miller

I knew you were a STAR the moment I met you! You will always succeed in everything you do! God loves you ! Success Always… #shareyoursmile #Allstar Merry Christmas

Tab Bennett

Congratulations girl!! You deserve every bit of success with all your hard work!

Teresa Smith

So well deserved thank you for what you do for Volusia County Women Who Care

Edith Shelley

Remember when I first met you at the Chamber. You are an amazing woman and I am proud of all you have accomplished and will continue to accomplish! Continued success!

Meg Smith Mennonna

So happy to meet you and have the opportunity to work with you. I can tell in the time I’ve spent with you that you are a pretty amazing person!

Gina Smith Steger

Onward and upward! Congratulations on your success, well deserved!

Kristen Hanson

You are AWESOME!!

John R Cameron Jr

Thank you for your service to our community! Believe me, you are not done yet and when you decide to serve again that group will be fortunate to have you.

Bonnie Shelfer

Never doubt yourself Meghan! You certainly deserved the award. So proud of how far you have come. You are awesome and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

Kevin Nehru Thomas II

You are extraordinary, Meghan Hughes

Linda Hammer Nash

Loved working with you with your radiant smile and personality. Keep smiling, keep shining!

Emily Smith

“Meghan is so reliable and does such great work! Halifax Health – Hospice is so excited to partner with her on future projects!”

Lynne Kersey Coffey

You’re the best of the best. If only others could have the inspiration and spirit you have. So impressed from the moment I started watching you and talking via Facebook but knowing where you came from explains a lot about you. Keep up the good work pretty girl you will go many places

Gonzalo Aida

Well deserved! Congrats on your continued amazing success! I’m glad we got to know each other during our brief time in Florida!

Amanda Richardson

You have accomplished a lot through out the years. Keep up the good work.

Alice Clay Benedict

You go Meghan. You have a lot to offer and we are all proud of you. You are another success story from our community. Never give up the fight. Hugs to you.

Maureen Abend

You are definitely one to be reckoned with!

Matthew Maniscalco

“We had the pleasure of utilizing Meghaphone Marketing for our first promo video.  Not only was the video professionally produced but the experience of filming it was a blast. Proud to say on Facebook alone we just hit 5000 people reached with this video!!! (And that number is still growing) We will definitely be utilizing them for all of our marketing needs in the future. Highly recommend Meghan and her company to help brand any business!!!”

Sue Williams

You are an inspiration ! Enjoy this ride my friend!! Long may you prosper (and I believe you will)

Maureen Abend

You are amazing! I know I’ve said it a few times, but I mean it! You are amazing!

Jim Berkley

“One of the most impressive resort videos I have ever seen…very serious…extremely well done and the people featured in the video really compliment the hotel with such distinction!! BRAVO and ENCORE!”

Tyler Grant

Im a better person because I know you. You have inspired many and you have accomplished amazing stuff.

Thays Franca

“Great end results and an amazing attention to details, I absolutely recommend Meghaphone Marketing.”

Courtney Edgcomb

Thank you so much for your service with Women United Volusia! What a great reason to have to take a break from volunteer service! Good luck in the future.

Vincent J. Cataldo III

I’m so happy for you, Meghan!! I remember first noticing your great talent when we worked at the Auto Mall!

Carrie Boynton

You’ve done so much for our community. I’m so happy for your success and can’t wait to see where the next 10 years takes you!

Jane Radell

You are awesome!

Erum Siddiqui Kistemaker

Congrats on all your achievements and I wish you continued success.

Sunnyie Fillegar

You are a total rock star girl!!!!

Lea D’Loughy

“Meghan and Megaphone Marketing are the “reel” deal. What an amazing experience! She can capture a moment without you even knowing the camera is rolling. She has an eye for the details that ultimately creates the tone capturing YOUR attention! Sweet, smart and sophisticated. Professional, personable and I highly recommend!”

Hannah Van Newkirk

Wow!! Honestly so grateful for how God continues to propel you forward!! Congratulations!!

Elizabeth H. Kargar


Meg Smith Mennonna

Congratulations you are so deserving of this award

Judy Chaney Lewis

This is a great testimonial to others, Meghan. We all at one time of our lives can feel defeated, hopeless or heartbroken. You sustained and survived and now you are thriving! Congratulations!

Nikki Risley

I have to give a HUGE shoutout to Meghan Hughes with Meghaphone Marketing. She never lets me down and ALWAYS produces high quality content. All of my clients love her and in turn become her clients as well. The process is seamless and the turnaround time is mind blowing and the girl never stops. Busy from sun up to sun down. THANK YOU Meg, I don’t say it enough.

Charlene Greer

​“Meghaphone Marketing, LLC is outstanding! Meghan is an amazing videographer and provided our organization with exceptional PR videos! The quality of her work is wonderful for our social media campaigns. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for your marketing needs!”

Kahlin Grant

This was such a magical moment and you deserve every bit of this honor and then some! I cannot think of a more deserving person. I am SO stinking proud of you. I remember years ago, us chatting and dreaming about having our own businesses. And then, you had the NERVE to go and DO that thang!! What?!
Watching your journey helped to push me to finally make my scary leap into this world, and I am so grateful. This is a beautiful post and you are a beautiful, talented, wonderful person. I hope you can eventually look back to this day with nothing but feelings of accomplishment and joy!

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